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  Birch Plywood, and White Hardwood Poplar trim, go to the Home page
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Using plants is a great way to decorate a mod box.
The eight different colors help any decorator with a Modbox.
All Mod Boxes pictured below are from  discontinued, previous models,
made from  oak plywood, shown just to provide color ideas.  
Mindstorm, LLC


Water Cooler Cover   U.S. Patent D 633,743
Let your imagination go wild decorating your Mod Boxes.
Use pictures and plaques to adorn your Modbox.
Placing memos or childrens pictures is great on a ModBox.
Faux Plants, Pictures, Plaques!
Use your imagination.
This is a video of a finished  2020 Mod Box,
showing detailed close-ups of Shawn's artistry.
You can add a dry erase board (as pictured above) to  make your own
"Memo Center."
Red Oak
Bay Leaf Green
Winter White
Antique Black
English Chestnut
Natural Oak
Use your own team colors.


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Museum putty was used
to apply the plaque.



Mod Boxes look great in the office or the dining room, too.



































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