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Limited 90 Day Warranty
The Mindstorm, LLC Limited Warranty includes that your Mod Box will be free from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 90 days from date of delivery, when used for normal indoor use.

Warranty Limitations
This warranty does not apply to any variations and small differences that can be found in formaldehyde-free Birch Plywood and the White Poplar Hardwood used in the Mod Box.  These differences and variations occur naturally, and are not subject to any warranty review.
This warranty does not apply to any returns based on custom measurements or any size issues of the Mod Box.
This warranty does not apply to warping, or finish decay that results from exposure to humidity, sun, weather and/or outside conditions.  The Mod Box is intended to be used indoors, in low humidity, and in air-conditioned space.

This warranty does not apply to defects that result from negligence, misuse, abuse, accidents, storage, pets, and improper cleaning of the Mod Box.

This warranty does not apply to problems that arise from customer painting, staining, sealing, or other customer customizations, including decorations to the Mod Box

This warranty does not apply to problems that arise from leaving your unfinished
Mod Box in an unfinished state.  

This warranty does not apply to any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care of an unfinished or finished Mod Box.

This warranty does not apply to improper assembly of the
Mod Box.

This warranty does not apply to any condition resulting from ordinary wear
or from any use from which the
Mod Box was not intended, or as a rental unit.
This warranty does not apply if the
Mod Box is attached to the water cooler.  The Mod Box should not be attached to the water cooler.  

This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from improper installation of a Furniture Anti-Tipping product, or not using an anti-tipping product at all.
We are not warranting that a Furniture Anti-Tipping product will always keep the Mod Box from tipping over in all circumstances.

This warranty does not include damages arising from improper shipping and handling by any carrier.  If you believe your Mod Box was damaged in shipment, please contact us immediately upon arrival for further instructions. 

This warranty does not apply if the Mod Box has been moved from the original point of delivery to consumer.


These warranties are non-transferable.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

Return Policy


All returns must be authorized by Mindstorm, LLC.

Please inspect all parts upon receipt.  No returns will be made after 72 hours from delivery, except for the Limited 90-Day Warranty issues. 

Customers seeking to return our product due to warranty issues must first call 352-232-4265 and obtain a Warranty Authorization Number before shipping to our facility.

Customers shall be expected to show proof of payment, by providing a proper copy of a dated receipt.

We will not accept shipments that do not
have return authorization numbers.

Any cost for packing and shipping are not covered under this warranty. 

Re-stocking fees may apply. 

We reserve the right to repair valid return authorizations, and return the original product to the customer, in lieu of, providing a partial or complete refund.

For all other return questions, please call us at (352) 232-4265.

Your Rights
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.  Some states do not allow the exclusions and limitations on incidental and consequential damages or the limitations on implied warranties, so the described limitations may not apply to you. 

Website Changes
Mindstorm, LLC may make improvements and or changes to this website at any time.